Signage Tips For a Post-Pandemic World

As businesses across Pennsylvania and the surrounding states re-open, many will do so with strict hygiene measures. Industries such as travel, logistics, and transportation are beginning to resume operation under close monitoring and staggered timetables. Face masks are here to stay, at least for the time being, and large-scale events are still indefinitely put on hold. All of these considerations will significantly affect the way we communicate with our customers, employees, and property visitors as we help each other navigate a post-COVID-19 world.

Signs and graphics will play an essential role in these communications. Planning your strategy early on will prevent you from scrambling as your local economy cautiously flips the lights back on. Here are some tips for getting restarted:

Create a Social Distancing Plan

The curve may have flattened, but studies suggest that social distancing efforts will continue for quite some time. Whether for temporary events or your permanent facility, a social distancing signage plan will advocate the wellbeing of those on your property. Arrow graphics and wayfinding signage can ensure the safe flow of foot traffic and mitigate the risk of contamination.

On a related note, you can use signage to convey to your customers any updated hygiene practices you and your employees are taking.

Announce You’re Back in Business

Customers may be unclear as to the operating status of your specific business, which makes it essential to let them know the details loud and clear. Consider featuring exterior banners and flags for eye-catching, economical ways to display when you’re opening from the roadside. Place yard signs throughout the immediate neighborhood to spread awareness among motorists and pedestrians.

Salons and other personal care spaces can benefit from walk-in availability made public via a-frames and other temporary signs. Retail locations with substantial foot traffic may benefit from swapping out their window graphics to clarify updated hours of operation. Vehicle graphics also allow you to bring promotions on the road, driving your message to any location!

Be Ready to Adjust Your Promotion Strategies

Nearly everyone has had to adapt their marketing and communication strategies in recent times, launching new messages on a weekly or, in some cases, daily basis. The aftershock of the pandemic will continue to shake the economy, leaving a ripple effect of rapidly changing business and consumer needs.

As a result, you must develop a communication strategy that is structured, yet flexible. Begin by establishing your target audiences’ needs, determining the messages and stories you need to tell, and identifying the materials you’ll need. Your visual communication strategy is vital in maintaining goodwill with your customer base and community.

For more information on how we can help you and your organization navigate a post-pandemic world, contact Denron Signs today!