Showing Gratitude in the Age of COVID-19: How Signs and Graphics Can Promote Positivity in Your Community

As communities and businesses across the nation and the world at large band together during these unprecedented times, we have placed an increased value on the importance and needs of others in our lives. As such, we are appreciating various groups of people who deserve our attention amid the pandemic and beyond. Here’s how:

Appreciating Those Keeping Us Safe

First responders are known for their ability to act quickly while keeping everyone in their communities safe and sound. Their work may go unnoticed in our daily lives, but now more than ever, it’s time for “hats off”! From banners and yard signs to window graphics and more, communities have come together to proudly showcase their support of those working on the frontlines for the greater good.

Acknowledging Those Keeping Us Healthy

Medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers, are doing their best to diagnose and treat everyone who may be at risk. As a result, many have joined forces to publicly thank them on lawns, from their balconies, across windows, close to hospital entrances, and even in elevators to encourage these everyday heroes.

Thanking Those Keeping Us Fed and Educated

With essential workers providing support to localities throughout the world, we have been made aware of just how necessary these roles are concerning our well-being. Because of this, people have communicated their appreciation to those working in this capacity. We simply could not make it without those who restock the shelves, service our vehicles, and make sure we have access to the goods and services our families depend on.

Furthermore, there is an overwhelming thankfulness for those who continue to educate and inspire our leaders of tomorrow — even when they do so remotely.

Celebrating Those Who Deserve the Spotlight

Whether you want graduation signs for a former student who didn’t have the opportunity to be part of the ceremony they looked forward to participating in, or a child whose birthday fell within quarantine, visually creative decorations are ways to commemorate special milestones. Yard signs, banners, and more enable loved ones to memorialize achievements and turning points despite social distancing efforts.

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