How Getting an Illuminated Sign Can Help Your Business

If you own a brick-and-mortar business in the Greater Philadelphia area, then you understand the importance of being able to attract people to your storefront. A big part of this process is in the first impressions your business makes on prospective customers. Often, passersby will decide in an instant whether to patronize your business or go somewhere else. 

An essential component of marketing your business lies within figuring out how to influence these “spur of the moment” customers and turn them into regular patrons. Quality outdoor signage can potentially go a long way toward attracting both new and old customers to your business, and many experts would argue that making that signage illuminated can help any promotional sign reach its full potential. There are several compelling reasons why illuminated signage can be helpful to business owners trying to generate awareness: 

Provide Continuous Promotion 

When you have the name of your business displayed on a neon or illuminated sign, that name is being advertised to passersby continuously. Prospective customers don’t just walk by during peak hours — and with the right sign, you can catch the eyes of everyone who passes by your store, day or night. Nighttime promotion is critical for businesses in the restaurant or hospitality industries where the hours tend to fluctuate.

Catch the Eyes of Passersby

Anyone who has experienced this knows how frustrating it can be to have someone walk right by your door simply because they don’t know exactly what is in there. This can be a common problem for businesses that aren’t adequately lit up at night. At Denron, we have the right illuminated sign to communicate your name or message to everyone in the area, so that no would-be customer ends up missing you.  

Make a Strong First Impression

For many retail businesses, competition is steep and marketing is all about setting yourself apart from the pack. Consumers in the Greater Philadelphia area are used to having plenty of choices, and want to patronize businesses that they can find easily and they can recognize what’s being offered at a glance. With the right illuminated sign, your customers will see what you have to offer, no matter what time it is.

Strong Return on Investment 

Of course, there is an initial cost associated with setting up an illuminated sign, but the maintenance costs are low and the attention these signs attract is constant. At Denron, we have highly durable, energy-efficient options for illuminated signs that mean you can spend less on this investment.
Every business owner wants to set their brand up for success, and getting the right illuminated sign is a simple, long-lasting way to generate positive attention for any size business. For more information about commercial options for illuminated signs, reach out to the friendly pros at Denron today!