How Can Wayfinding Signage Drive Repeat Visitors?

When most people consider getting new business sign installation near Chester County, PA, they may think about upgrading the usual suspects: redesigning their logo, replacing their storefront sign, or investing in illuminated signs to increase visibility. While all of these options can be crucial in revamping a business or industrial park, there’s one kind of sign that often gets overlooked — wayfinding.

Most consider wayfinding signage as a last-minute task that must be completed inexpensively and quickly at the tail-end of a property development project. This mentality results in signage programs being cheap, cursory, and strictly utilitarian — falling far short of their true potential. While the most obvious benefit is that people can navigate your property quickly, a well-designed wayfinding signage program can be beneficial in more ways than you might imagine.

Advantages of Wayfinding Systems

Institutions, companies, and cities that invest in first-rate wayfinding can experience the following benefits:

Improved Brand Perception

Engaging and strategically-placed signage reflects positively on your property’s brand, and usually in subtle ways that visitors don’t even notice. From their perspective, things flow smoothly, and they’re able to reach their destinations without any route-hiccups or delay. Inadequate signage, on the other hand, is immediately noticeable and causes harm to a brand’s reputation.

This effect is most apparent in the healthcare industry. Hospitals sometimes have a bad reputation for being difficult to navigate, with patients getting turned around or struggling to find the correct room on time. An improved wayfinding program eliminates these sorts of frustrations and leads to a more seamless “user experience.” Excellent signage, then, results in increased patient/visitor satisfaction and improved perception of the brand as a whole.

Increased Market Share

An updated wayfinding signage program sends a clear message: this property is current and well-kept. Customers passing by in their vehicles or even on foot could be considered among the most valuable bottom-funnel target audience for such a message — and an updated signage program is an ideal way to spark their conversation.

Take the retail industry, for example. Newer shopping centers look more inviting than their more dated counterparts. This is an opportunity to display to potential customers how your property is eco-friendly — including recycling, footpaths, and bike racks — making your property more appealing to a more environmentally-conscious public. This all leads us to our next point:

Economic Growth

Wayfinding signage can spark new waves of economic growth, especially in a civic setting. Cities that refine their urban wayfinding programs often experience an increase in first-time and return visitors. In this context, signage programs are powerful tools in alerting visitors of an area’s most essential amenities — downtown districts, art and music venues, and shopping destinations — and to direct traffic to them. As more individuals and businesses decide to locate in a specific municipality in the long run, the entire community can experience growth over time.

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