5 Important Questions to Ask Your Sign Company

Is it time to update your company’s signage? If your exterior or interior signs are outdated, worn, or broken, you may want to consider installing new signage. Your customers will likely form their first impressions of your business based on how well the signs convey your brand, provide instructions, and help with wayfinding. When your signage is lacking in any of these areas, you could lose out on potential business.

Choosing the right signage company is just as important as making sure your signs are well-maintained. You want to feel confident your partner can create professional signs that align with your branding. How do you know if you’ve found the right sign company? Ask these five important questions as you vet sign makers.

What Type of Signs Do You Make?

One of the first things you need to confirm is that the sign company you’re interested in can make the specific type of sign you’re looking for. You need to ensure they can make business signs that meet your needs, look stunning, and align with your overall brand image. If the company doesn’t have a variety of options or the expertise needed to create the solutions to set your business apart, it is likely not the company you want to partner with.

The best sign companies will offer the following types of solutions:

  • Interior signs for identification, directions, and promotional sales
  • Outdoor signs to attract business, such as monument signs, channel letters, and carved business signs

Do You Offer Design Services?

Manufacturing and printing business signage is only one aspect of the sign-making process. You will want to partner with a company that offers both design and printing services. This way, you do not have to communicate with two companies simultaneously, hoping your sign turns out correctly.

A sign company with a design team will be able to translate your ideas into a display with clean graphics and clear messaging. The designers will know how to combine colors, text styles, and images so that the messaging is direct and powerful. If the company offers design services, ask to see samples of their previous work.

How Long Will It Take to Make the Sign?

It’s important to know roughly how long the project will take, especially if you need a sign before your grand opening or a major sale. Good sign companies can give you an accurate estimate of the timeline, allowing you to make other plans accordingly. If the company cannot pinpoint a deadline or keeps adjusting it, you will want to stay away from them. They are likely to deliver a sign that is hastily thrown together.

Do You Help With Sign Permitting & Installation?

In many places, you cannot simply hang a newly designed sign and call it a day. Most counties, cities, and municipalities have codes and ordinances governing the fabrication and installation of business signs. You will want to hire a sign company that understands local regulations and can help you through the process of permitting your sign. You should also hire a company that will install the signage properly so it can pass a final inspection and signage audit.

Do You Offer Other Services?

Before signing a contract with a sign maker, ask them if they offer additional signage services. Will they be able to help you repair signs that break during storms or other accidents? Do they have professionals available to clean and maintain your signage?

Working with a sign company that does it all can be extremely helpful in the long run. You’ll always know who you can turn to when your business signage could use a boost.

Denron Signs Is the Preferred Partner for All Your Business Signage Needs

If you’re on the hunt for a sign maker, look no further than Denron Signs. Our design and manufacturing teams work closely together to create signs that fulfill your business goals. We’ll also ensure your sign is installed correctly and keeps looking its best for years to come. No matter if you’re interested in illuminated storefront signs or interior wayfinding signs, we have all the custom sign solutions to meet your needs. Contact our team today to begin discussing your sign project.