Bettering Your Business: Tips for a Successful Signage Audit

A business is defined by a number of things, such as high quality products and services, but arguably none are as important as a professional demeanor. One of the most visible ways of achieving that goal is via up-to-date signage, properly displayed in accordance with local licensing and regulation. A periodic signage audit is a crucial part of safeguarding your employees, and by extension, your business itself. Here are five easy steps to making sure your signs are doing everything they’re supposed to, and what to do if they aren’t.

Take a Quick Visual Inventory

Walk around both the exterior and interior of your business, listing every existing sign that is currently in place. For signs with electrical components (such as illuminated storefront signs and L.E.D. message centers), ensure they are functioning properly. Frayed or loose wires, burned-out bulbs, or cracked and damaged casings on exterior signage can point to a need for sign maintenance and repair. In addition to finding issues in need of fixing, this simple sign audit can highlight opportunities or legal needs for additional signs, such as warnings around dangerous equipment.

Look Into State and Local Regulation Changes

When you first installed the signage you currently have in place, your business may have been in complete compliance. Rules and regulations do, however, change over time. Whether it’s a shift in liability language or specificity in protective cautions, chances are at least one of your signs may need to be updated or replaced. Your business signage needs to reflect the legal expectations of your industry and location. Compliance with licensing and regulation code requirements is a vital focus for signage audit, particularly if you have a franchise or multi-state business where regulations may differ between offices.

Check Visibility

In addition to using the colors, font, and sizing dictated by regulation code requirements and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), make sure your safety signs are literally visible, as well. If posts, shrubbery, equipment, or other obstacles block easy view of important signs, they can’t fulfill their intended purpose. As part of your signage audit, be sure to arrange for proper mounting, lighting, or elevating as needed to keep signs visible.

Stake Your Claim

While it’s not something established businesses like to think about, the fact is that new businesses can and do attempt to “cash in” on brand confusion, including names, logos, and colors. We recommend that during your signage audit, you make sure that your business name is registered with your state and local licensing board, where required. If you rely on any satire or famous references in your branding, this is also a good opportunity to check that you aren’t using any trademarks and copyrighted designs that could get your business into hot water.

“Future-Proof” Your Signage

Trust your signage needs to professionals like Denron Signs; not only will our team work hard to upgrade any signs that need to be repaired or replaced, we can also make suggestions on “future-proofing” new installations. That means recommending materials, sign mounting methods, and other sign features that are well-suited to your business needs and location. If needed, we’ll offer to perform electrical repairs that will keep your lighted signs shining bright, no matter what the weather or conditions trying to dim them.

Don’t let the safety, professionalism, or overall appearance of your business fade like outdated signage: contact our team as part of your signage audit. Denron Signs will help you make sure that every message comes through — visible, clearly, and cleanly — in every sign your business displays.