The Advantages of Investing in Monument Signage

It can feel daunting investing in new signage for your business, place of worship, school, clinic, or shopping complex. After all, there are so many style options available, and the one you choose can significantly impact people’s perception of your organization. If you’re having trouble deciding which type of signage to select for your business, consider the choice favored by business owners across Chester County, PA: custom monument signs!

A monument sign can create a great first impression for your organization and draw people off the street into your shop. These outdoor signs are freestanding, at ground level, and commonly made of brick, concrete, or metal. With one of these signs outside of your business, you will be sure to experience greater brand awareness in and around Chester County, PA.

High Visibility

The purpose of outdoor signage is to draw attention to your business. Monument signs do this better than any other type of exterior sign because they are big and bold and located at eye level.

You can choose from an almost limitless array of design possibilities to create a sign that aligns with your branding and marketing efforts. Add custom graphics, colors, and lighting to draw the attention of potential customers day and night. When you install a monument sign, you can feel confident your brand’s message will be communicated quickly and effectively to passing traffic.


Monument signs are made with high-quality materials that allow them to withstand harsh weather conditions and last several years without needing repairs or replacement. The value you receive over the years makes this signage solution a very cost-effective option.

Great First Impression

Monument sign designs are very sophisticated and elegant. They instantly communicate to prospective clients and customers that your business is serious about providing lasting solutions for the community. You can even customize the sign to compliment the design of your building, inspiring confidence in customers that you are capable of offering services or products that will meet their needs.

Sends a Message

Not only can your monument sign communicate your company’s professionalism, but it can also share important information instantly. You can design your exterior sign with an LED display so that you can display details about a current sale, information about your services, or interesting trivia. No matter what information you show on the screen, you can trust it will catch the attention of prospective customers.

Design a Custom Monument Sign Today

Are you ready to capture the attention of potential customers driving or walking by your business? If so, get in touch with the professionals at Denron Signs. We know how to design monument signs that help you communicate your brand’s image and benefits.

In addition to monument signs, we also install wood-carved signs for businesses and offer sign maintenance and repair in Chester County. Contact us today to begin discussing your signage needs!