How Vehicle Wraps Can Help Your Small Business

If you’ve just opened a small business or you’re looking to reach more customers than you can with online and traditional advertising, vehicle wraps are an ideal solution! A study commissioned by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America found that graphic text on trucks reaches 91% of target audiences. Additionally, vehicle wraps are cost-effective, as one wrap on your primary vehicle can reach multiple consumers as you go about your business at a much lower cost per thousand impressions than traditional advertising.

What Businesses Can Benefit From Vehicle Wraps?

Nearly any small business can benefit from vehicle wrap advertising simply because a vehicle wrap is essentially a moving billboard. However, businesses that are strictly mobile fare exceptionally well, as these businesses are consistently on the road and reaching hundreds or more potential customers per day.

If you run a mobile business such as a delivery, locksmith, pet grooming, or rideshare service, a vehicle wrap can serve as your 24/7 calling card. Potential customers will spot your wrap during traffic slow-downs, when parked in client lots and driveways, and even when you’ve stopped at your favorite restaurant on a lunch break.

Vehicle Wrap Styles and Designs

Vehicle wraps can be customized to fit any vehicle type, from standard cars and trucks to semis and motorcycles.

The most commonly used vehicle wrap is a full wrap. As the name implies, this wraps around the entire vehicle and features graphics of business logos, phone numbers, website addresses, and branding elements such as mascots or graphics.

Partial wraps are a popular choice for more established businesses looking to bring in some new faces but don’t require a massive advertising campaign. If your vehicle is on the compact side, a partial wrap is also a good idea as it won’t overcrowd your car.

Spot wraps are the least conspicuous of all vehicle wraps, but they are still a great way to advertise your offerings to potential customers. Spot wraps typically are placed on doors or on one side of the vehicle, and they can feature the same important information — just in a slightly smaller fashion.

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