Designing Commercial Signs That Stand Out: Tips and Tricks

When you want to grow your business, you must ensure your message reaches your target audience. There is no dearth of ideas when you want to advertise your business, but one strategy trumps them all: commercial signs!

No matter where your business is located, whether it’s in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, or beyond, a sign is essential. An effective business sign can enhance your visibility and efficiently complement your branding and advertising efforts. At the same time, it can bolster your store’s foot traffic and sales. That’s the power of a well-designed commercial sign.

Regardless of the industry you are in, you must harness the potential of business signage with attention-grabbing design. If you are looking for tips to design an attractive commercial sign, you’re in luck. In this post, we will share some of our top tips for designing commercial signs that stand out.

Begin with a Clear Purpose

Before you contact a sign company to discuss commercial signs and designs, you must know what you want your sign to achieve.

Begin by defining your goal. Do you want a simple logo sign for your storefront? Perhaps you want to promote a special offer or event?

No matter your goal, or whether you need an outdoor sign or an indoor business signage, you must ensure that the type of sign, messaging, and design align with your goals.

Here at Denron Signs, we are a local sign company that offers a wide range of commercial signs including channel letter signage, custom vehicle wraps, carved signs, and more. Our friendly team can help you find the right type of business signage based on your purpose and goal.

Then our design team will work with you to design attractive business signage!

Keep Your Message Crisp and Simple

Commercial Signs From Sign Company, Denron SignsLess is more when it comes to commercial signs that stand out.

When you want to make maximum impact, keep your message short, succinct, and on point. This is the most effective way to grab the attention of your target audience and pique their interest, so they are compelled to take the desired action.

Whether you are creating a store front sign that identifies your business or designing  promotional signage that advertises an offer, you must use clear language and get straight to the point.

Commercial signs with a cluttered design or lengthy message will have a hard time grabbing the attention of passersby. They won’t stand out, and your target customers may easily miss your sign. Additionally, research conducted by neuroscientists suggests that our brains prefer order. Cluttered environments can reduce our ability to focus and impair memory retention, further emphasizing the importance of clear and well-organized signage.

Make sure to thoroughly review your sign design and remove any design elements or text that take away from the message.

A simple sign design with a clear yet compelling message will grab attention and get the job done!

Your Sign Should Stand Out No Matter the Surroundings

Another strategy for designing effective commercial signs is to consider the environment where your sign will be placed.

Your sign must never blend with other buildings, signs, or its immediate environment.

Keep this in mind when choosing the background color and font color. Use contrasting colors to ensure your sign is attractive and visible. For example, black text on a white background will stand out and be visible in any environment.

If you are installing an outdoor commercial sign, consider the color of the exterior wall or the surrounding area. Now choose contrasting colors to ensure your sign stands out.

If you are creating commercial interior signage, consider the lighting when designing your signage. For example, if you are designing an indoor sign for your restaurant and the atmosphere is dim, pick bright colors. This pop of color will boost the visibility of your sign and instantly grab attention.

Don’t Shy Away from Celebrating YOU!

Successful commercial signs have one thing in common: they really lean into the product and services they are advertising.

For instance, if you are an ice cream shop, what better way to help your brand stand out than to create a large format printed mural dedicated to your main offering?

From showcasing the various flavors to illustrating the journey of your product, including milk-based items and sorbets, make sure your commercial sign accurately reflects your offerings and what your business does.

With our large format printing services, we can design and build a custom sign that brings your brand to life while highlighting your primary message.

Create the Right Emotions with Commercial Signs

No matter the type of design you choose, make sure your sign evokes the right feelings in your target audience.

The type of feelings you want to evoke will depend on your business and industry as well as your goals.

If you want to create feelings of professionalism, an engraved metal sign featuring your business logo is the perfect choice. Metal channel lettering is another excellent option. Or perhaps a carved sign is right for you!

Want to evoke feelings of creativity and fun? An L.E.D. sign might be the right one for you.

If you want to use your vehicle as a mobile billboard, then commercial vehicle wraps are your best bet.

Discuss your requirements with our commercial signs team at Denron Signs and let us help bring your ideas to life!

Use Stellar Imagery

Using high-definition images in your sign is an excellent way to design a successful business sign.

Use images that complement your message. This can be as simple as your company logo or a minimalist graphic. For the best results, consider hiring a photographer to capture professional pictures of your staff at work or your products.

For instance, real estate signs look attractive when they feature images of happy families in the backdrop of the home you want to sell. Or, if you are a health clinic, you could feature pictures of your healthcare team! If you manage a restaurant, your sign could feature some quality shots of your delicacies.

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