Why Business Truck Wraps are the Most Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

Wondering if a business truck wrap is right for your business?

A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that Americans clocked about 10,900 miles on average and spent 293 hours on the road every year. That offers a huge opportunity to put your brand in front of your target customers using custom vehicle wraps.

So, what exactly is a vehicle wrap?

The business truck wrap experts at Denron Signs will cover your truck, van, or, car either partially or fully in a full-color vinyl film to turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard advertising your business.

A vehicle covered in bright vinyl featuring your brand logo and messaging is sure to turn heads. Many businesses are choosing to invest in commercial vehicle wraps to promote their business.

Are vehicle wraps effective? Here are some of the top reasons why business truck wraps are an excellent advertising solution.

Vehicle Wraps Protect Your Vehicle

Installing a business truck wrap does not require any paper or paint on your vehicle. Our business car wrap specialists use a vinyl sheet that will help protect your fleet’s painted surface against scratches, UV rays, and more.

In effect, your vehicle’s original paint will not come off. Moreover, a good quality vehicle wrap can be safely removed without damaging your trucks.

These factors contribute to potentially increasing the resale value of your trucks or vans, giving you every reason to invest in a business truck wrap.

Excellent Brand Recall

Business Truck Wrap from Sign Company, Denron SignsWhen you invest in vehicle wrap graphics, you can expect improved ROI.

A wrapped truck with your branding and messaging is sure to make an impression on the mind of the reader who just saw it.

When the reader comes across the brand again on TV, newspaper, or flyer, he is already familiar with your brand.

This ensures that your brand recall is high. This top-of-mind recollection of your brand will come in handy when customers are near the end of their purchase journey, thereby boosting your sales, profitability, and ROI.

Lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions

When you compare the cost of business truck wrap with other advertising mediums, vehicle wraps tend to generate more impressions at a lower cost.

Impressions are essentially the number of views your ads get.

When it comes to commercial vehicle wraps, impressions are calculated every time someone looks at your logo, brand name, or offer on your truck fleet.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, a business truck wrap has a low cost per thousand impressions (CPM) at $0.77, thereby giving you extensive exposure at a lower cost.

Compare this to the CPM of other advertising mediums:

  • A 30-second ad on television costs $17.78 per CPM.
  • A four-color one-page ad in a magazine has an average cost of $9.35 per CPM.
  • A one-third B&W page ad in a newspaper can cost $22.95 per CPM.
  • A 60-second drive-time ad on the radio has a cost of $8.61 per CPM.
  • The average cost of billboard ads is $2.18 per CPM.

As you can fathom from the above statistics, car sign wraps have the lowest CPM compared to other forms of advertising.

Business truck wraps can generate anywhere between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily.

Vehicle wraps can generate excellent impressions and views when they are strategically placed at locations that see high footfalls, such as parks, malls, or busy streets.

Moreover, you have complete control over the design and the location of your vehicle.

Similarly, vehicle wraps are difficult to ignore when compared to other advertising platforms. So, a business truck wrap is a highly effective way to grab the attention of your target audience.

According to a study, people come across 5,000 ads a day. Of this, 18% of the ads go unnoticed.

What’s more, people may use ad blockers on their mobile phones and computers, limiting the efficacy of digital advertising. Compare this to the power of vehicle wraps, which cannot be ignored when someone is on the road.

According to an ATA study, 96% of participants noticed vehicle wraps.

Improved Return on Investment with Custom Business Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are known for their ability to cost-effectively promote a brand.

As we saw above, business truck wraps have a lower CPM compared to other popular advertising mediums.

In short, car wraps have the potential to generate a lot more leads and reach out to a lot more people at a far lower cost.

Billboards, on the other hand, not only cost more, but they are temporary in nature and stationery. This means that you must shell out more money once the lease has expired. What’s more, the billboard cannot go places and reach a larger audience as is the case with vehicle wrap advertising.

When it comes to a TV ad, people may decide to fast forward or skip an ad. However, they cannot ignore a moving billboard that’s practically rolling along as they drive.

What’s more, your business truck wrap can effectively complement your digital marketing campaigns. That’s because prospective customers are sure to remember your plumbing service when they are searching for a plumber online when they have a need.

That’s the power of brand recall. Because they have seen your brand around several times, they will intuitively trust your brand and trust you more than a brand they’ve never heard of before.

Professional Business Truck Wrap Services from Denron Signs

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